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Growing up surrounded by male entrepreneurs, and now working in a very male dominated space, I wanted a story I could read with my 5 nieces to empower them to follow their dreams… and when I couldn’t find one, I wrote one!

At this phase of presale, due to limited quantities, I am selling the hard cover books at cost at $30 each.

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the 'Go Getter Girls' books

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Emma's Ice Cream Stand

Emma loves the way ice cream brings people together and creates joy, so she learns about what it takes to start her own business and launches her own ice cream stand! This book empowers young women by showing a girl pursuing her passions, finding her niche, assembling a team of people with different strengths, and building something from the ground up!


For parents wanting to show their daughters that they can dream big, and for all the female entrepreneurs out there who didn't see themselves depicted in their bedtime stories, this is for you! Even as adults, we can all learn something about starting a business from Emma's story.

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*Side note, if you have connections or resources in the children's book publishing world, or would like to have a conversation about publishing this series, please let me know! 

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