This page is home to all the big trips I've taken in the last 10 years!
(I am working on also compiling my trips within the US and Canada, since you aren't going to find most of those on here.)
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With a last minute cheap flight, I booked a trip down to Puerto Rico for New Years​ with a few friends. We stayed at the most beautiful spot and spent several days wandering around Old San Juan. We then headed east to go hiking in the El Yunque National Forest – I honestly didn't expect the rainforest to be as rainy as it was! – and then all the way to the east coast to see the glowing lights at Bioluminescent Bay! We had a great time exploring and then came back to spend some more time in quaint Old San Juan. I seriously could not get enough of the charming colorful buildings and the picturesque streets! I mean come on with this sweet local man playing guitar on the steps! What a dream!



Literally the most impromptu and unplanned trip I've ever taken, I booked this last minute escape, and 48 hours later I was sitting on the beach in Cannes. The trip was a much-needed getaway and provide just the solace I needed: meandering. Sometimes all you need is to go for a walk– and what better place to walk around? Southern France is one of the most magical places in the world, without a doubt.  The beaches, the cocktails, and of course, the language! After leaving France, I headed to Lisbon, Portugal, and was charmed yet again. Man, this city has a nightlife, that's for sure! And is also the most hilly city I've ever been to!! But I would recommend it to anyone– it's something else :) 



I took a little getaway to explore beautiful and historic Belgium this weekend! I started in Brussels, and I loved the all murals – especially Tin Tin and the Smurfs! – but I didn't particularly fall for the city (...especially after I got mugged).  Everyone said I needed to go to Bruges, so I headed there next. Bruges was picturesque but turned out to be way too touristy, full of tour groups following around guides toting umbrellas. But the people who know me best told me I would love Ghent, and boy were they right. I ended up spending most of my time at the most charming historic hotel on the river, overlooking St. Michael's Bridge, and the postcard shot of the 3 most significant buildings from 10th century Gent-past: the Korenmarkt, Saint Nicholas Church, and the Belfry. Plus, Ghent is 100% chocolate, french fries, and vegetarian food!! Cmon. One of my new favorite cities​ of all time. 



I've been spending more and more time overseas, and am very fortunate to have so many clients in beautiful cities around the world, like London and Amsterdam.  I've spent time in both cities before when I was younger, but this trip I got a bit more time to explore them from a different perspective between work meetings, showcases, and even a massive music festival in The Netherlands :)  I basically did a mini sweets tour in London– hitting every bakery, ice cream parlour, and chocolate shoppe– while meandering through bustling streets in Storeditch and beautiful wide boulevards in Kensington. In Amsterdam, my tour was filled with mostly flowers and bicycles, as I wandered down crowded alleys and walked alongside every single canal! I even took a boat out on the canals one afternoon :) 



I was excited about visiting Morocco but our trip even exceeded my expectations!

I think as an entire country, Morocco may have just topped my list! It has absolutely everything you could imagine– incredible cities with rich history, stunning architecture, and century-old markets, vast deserts and sand dunes with starry night skies, cut by the true original "oasis" of lush fields of palms trees, immense canyons and gorges fed by natural springs, charming ski mountain towns surrounded by massive dense cedar forests, plus orchards, vineyards, and surfable beaches.​  Plus they speak French!! Seriously, what more could you ask for?



I finally got to visit Iceland – the land of fire and ice (and a thousand waterfalls!) – and I convinced one of my best friends to join me for the long weekend! We started off with a spa day at the Blue Lagoon, and then spent some time in Reykjavik. After exploring the Golden Circle, including Thingvellir National Park, the original namesake "Geysir" Geysir, and Gullfoss waterfall, we headed east to Vik and then the spectacular Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon! We even saw the northern lights– both over the city, and stretching across the wide open night sky! 

Iceland you are crazy magnificent and awe inspiring and keep reminding me how small I am in this world.  I am in pure awe. 



With more and more of our clients in Copenhagen and Stockholm​, I decided to double up and take some work meetings and explore two new countries– Denmark and Sweden. In Copenhagen, I met up with one of my oldest friends, a head chef, who got us reservations at René Redzepi's Noma– literally the best food in the entire world. Plus I spent hours at Tivoli Gardens, which was Walt Disney's inspiration for creating Disneyland. In Stockholm, I was amazed at the incredible murals covering the walls of the subway stations... and perhaps the trip highlight was our hotel in Stockholm (which I was excited about for months!), a 17th century vaulted underground cave in the heart of the old town, each room designed to replicate a vintage fairytale– and ours was the Princess and the Bear!



I love my sister, but we don't get to travel together that often anymore. This trip was extra special as we were on our way to celebrate the wedding of her oldest and best friend!  On our way, we stopped to explore Croatia and Montenegro

...and of course, a bit of Paris :)  I was excited to go to Plitvice Lakes, the most magnificent National Park of bright teal lakes connected by cascading waterfalls, set in northern Croatia. It was truly magical!  As spectacular as Dubrovnik was, my favorite city was the charming Split.  Just as much history, museums, and palaces, but less touristy, with fantastic local wine and cheese shops and truffle oil galore! 



I realized in my mid 20s that I had been to more countries in the world than states in my own country, and I decided I needed to change that. I was managing an artist at the time, and booked her a west coast tour ...partially so that I could get to visit a whole bunch of cities and states that I hadn't spent much time in. Several weeks cooped up in a tiny car with lots of equipment, but I got to explore the glory of Washington, Oregon, and California, and then Nevada, Utah, and Colorado– including some of the national parks like Yosemite!

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CUBA 2016


One of the best birthday trips to date: I snuck away right after the embargo was lifted to celebrate my birthday with an old friend in an even older city, Havana, Cuba.  And it truly was like traveling back in time.  A city where the cars are from the 60s, people shout to their neighbors through open windows, and women walk to the bakery in the morning with their curlers still in.  It's like nothing I had ever seen before.  Not to mention, the entire city is so picturesque! Colorful buildings, colorful cars, and  colorful people!  It was a meandering photographer's dream!  I even found a gritty indie rock music venue and we checked out a local alt band on Saturday night– just like being back home in Nashville!



I had the opportunity to go on a Caribbean Cruise super last minute over Thanksgiving with some friends and decided why not! It was not only incredibly fun, but turned out to be incredibly beautiful as well.  We started in Key West, FL -  the end of Route 1 - the southern most tip of the US. I had never been before and it was so charming!  We then headed down to the Caribbean, and on to Mexico. I woke up early every morning and did sunrise yoga on the top deck, followed by a peaceful breakfast by myself since most everyone else slept in. I didn't take very many photos except a few on my phone and a handful of videos on my GoPro, but it was a much needed getaway! 



We began our week-long safari out of Arusha, Tanzania with our wonderful guide Charles.  I suppose, at the time, he was just our guide Charles, but I can say this now because we just spent 8 days with him, Charles was the most knowledgeable, friendly, wonderfully caring, and most go-getter guide we could have ever asked for!  And these pictures are just the beginning.  We thought we were going to see a few animals. Boy, how we were mistaken!  A few... more like a few THOUSAND.  And no exaggeration there. Like I said, this was just the beginning.

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