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Ciao Bella!



Last week I took a little vacation to go visit my (not-so-)baby sister in Italy! I got a chance to visit some of the most historic and beautiful places in all of Europe, and also had one of the most insane adventures, on top of getting to spend time with my family! It was perfect!

Our trip began in quaint Firenze, where Sarah and Chloe live with "Mama", their Italian host.  My mom and dad had arrived a couple days before, so I met up with everyone there and we got a chance to see where Sarah lives, meet some of her friends, and check out some of her favorite local spots :)  ...and see the David, of course!




My next brief stops were Fiesole and Pisa. The weather wasn’t too great, but I still got some beautiful pictures.
And yes, I did take the typical tourist picture in Pisa.


Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre has always been at the top of my “Places to Go” list, but not quite for the reasons that has made it national news recently. A once in a lifetime storm hit northwest coast of Italy, tragically destroying two of the villages of Cinque Terre – while we were there! Luckily, I woke up at dawn on the morning of the storm and was able to take some incredible pictures before the floods hit. Between the storm and its beauty, I will never forget Cinque Terre. Unfortunately, you may not be able to visit for a while, since they will be repairing the damages from the storm for the next few years.

Dawn was absolutely breathtaking though...

DSC06238 - Version 2.jpg



Rome. One of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. My pictures can’t even compare to what it felt like to stand where Caesar once stood and addressed his people in Rome’s heyday. I went to the Vatican, stood in awe under the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and of course, made a wish in the Trevi Fountain.  Rome was something else. Unbelievable, the history.




Lastly, I went to Venice. Wow! Yet another breathtaking place in the world. I’ve seen so many pictures, movies and TV shows depicting Venice that it almost felt surreal to be standing there taking the same pictures. The city sure is difficult to navigate with it’s thousands of tiny streets and canals, but it made for some picturesque shots! And of course, we took a gondola ride through the canals, and also went out to see the glass blowing on Murano!


"Volare ohh, Cantare oh oh ohhh" – what our gondoliere sang to us as we rode through the canals...
Such a beautiful end to my Italian adventure! 

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